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An Unexpected Visitor - Bondlock
"Out of five items of equipment I gave you, 007, you've brought back two. Seriously?!" Q demanded, on hand on his hip, gesturing to the scraped and battered gun and the water damaged GPS.
"Well, maybe if you gave me a better incentive..." Bond purred leaning forwards towards his adorably frustrated quartermaster, "I'm just saying, I rather liked the idea of you spanking me, so you're lucky I brought back anything." He grinned charmingly as Q flushed and shook his head.
"You're a buggar, Bond." Q huffed, rolling his eyes but with the corners of his mouth tugging upwards. He annoyingly couldn't stay all that mad at his boyfriend, and he had been away for a whole week. "Now get your arse home and rest, because you won't be sleeping tonight," he smirked.
Bond kissed the smirked away quickly, giving Q a wink, before turning to leave Q-branch. As he did, he past an elegant looking woman, her dark hair was swept up into a intricate up do and her lips stood out blood red against near white ski
:iconmagpiegirl:magpiegirl 2 0
England Would Fall Ch. 4
Q was just setting up another test to check the firewalls as the last of the minions were trickling out of Q-branch. He had patched up the last few holes in the system that Mycroft had come through and was now literally trying to hack it himself, using varying degrees of sophisticated code. He was determined to make sure that neither of his brothers ever disturbed his work again.
Twenty minutes later, Q finished debriefing 009, his least favorite, most arrogant agent. The man was actually worse than Bond, and that was saying something. He checked the computer, smiling slightly as he read the results of the scan. If someone wanted to hack the system, they were going to have to be Q good, and only Q was Q good.
Q grabbed his laptop bag and his coat, nodding at the night guard as he left. It was slightly ridiculous, really, because even if there was no emergency, he’d be back in seven hours. If there was an emergency (like 009 getting Shanghaied again) he’d be ca
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 5 5
England Would Fall Ch. 3
James was lying on the end of his bed when his phone buzzed with a text. He reached over blindly for it before he realized that it was his personal line, not his work one. He opened the message, his eyes slowly softening in recognition.
Haven’t seen you in forever, mate. If you’re in the country, would you fancy a drink? -JW
God, he hadn’t seen John Watson since his Royal Navy days. He tried to remember what had happened, and he faintly remembered Watson getting injured in action, but that had been years after he’d been recruited to the double-oh program, and M had never exactly encouraged outside friendships.
India can wait. Michael’s Pub at seven?
See you then. -JW
John’s limp was back, and as much as he hated, as much as he knew it was psychosomatic, he couldn’t get rid of it. Everything that he thought had been fixed about him had returned when Sherlock fell: the limp, the nightmares… even his aversion to t
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 4 3
England Would Fall Ch. 2
Q liked being alone in the mornings. He liked having time to settle in at his desk and have his second cup of Earl Grey before any of the agents or minions were around to bother him with their problems, so that was why he came into the office at ‘some ungodly hour,’ as Tanner put it.
That was how Eve found him an hour later, fingers curled around his Scrabble mug, eyes darting across lines of code. She walked into the room, newspaper in hand, a worried look on her face. “Q?”
Q’s eyes darted up, giving the woman he considered to be his best friend a searching look. “Yes?”
Eve realized that she hadn’t really thought this through. Not at all, actually. She walked forward to his desk and held the paper against her chest, blocking the headline from the hacker’s sight. It was only then that she noticed that the minions had started trickling in. Damn. She hadn’t wanted to do this in front of them. “Could we talk outside?”
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 8 10
England Would Fall Ch. 1
There were fourteen programs running, on three different screens, on Q’s one desk. Four were constantly monitoring security, searching for holes in the firewalls protecting the MI6 mainframe. Three of them were tracking double-oh agents, one in Germany, one in Russia, and one in Japan. Six were beta programs, ideas Q was toying with on how to improve security by lessening the number of gateways onto the system. Then there was the last one; created with the sole purpose of tracking down the equipment that James Bond had failed, yet again, to return.
One of the programs made itself known by causing its window to flash orange. A bit distantly, Q hoped it was the tracking device he’d designed to locate 007’s equipment, but when he clicked on the window, he was unsurprisingly disappointed. His marvelous machine hadn’t found the missing gun, but it had found something that wasn’t supposed to be in the system. Intrigued and almost excited, he pulled up another wi
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 13 24
He's busy working and everyone knows it. The Quartermaster has given him two separate coding projects for the following morning, and the lives of two agents rest on him being able to do it with complete, unwavering focus. Double-oh-four and double-oh-three had had a rough time of late anyway, and their next injury is not about to be his fault.
Benjamin is hunched over his laptop, fingers moving furiously across the keyboard. Line after line of code appears before him, flashing green once they are locked into the device plugged into his computer. It flashes and flickers, encoding and decoding, checking every possible loophole and potential slip in the tech that could cause an issue-
Apparently, someone didn't get the memo.
Strong arms slide around his waist and Ben sucks in a sharp breath. He knows exactly who they belong to and he knows just why he didn't get the memo about not disturbing him tonight: He purposefully avoided being in the same space as someone that would just tell hi
:iconfromunderthemountain:fromunderthemountain 6 0
Sometimes it was just too close a call
Sometimes it was just too close a call.
Q knew perfectly well that this was their job, that this was their brand of normal. But that didn't mean he was always prepared for these moments, nor that he wanted them to happen. They belonged to the job and he would try to live with them and be torn between hopelessness and hope whenever James was presumed dead, because he couldn't be dead, he always came back,  it was his hobby, but there was just no chance he could have survived that (but luckily he hadn't dared not to survive yet). In the end no one could say whether James survived or died, not until he walked back into HQ as if nothing had happened and Q hadn't spent the time between whatever the reason of death was this time and James' return, worrying and trying to find him (how he managed to escape all of Q's attempts to find him was still a mystery).
But sometimes it was just too close a call.
There were these moments when James would get shot or pulled one of his stunts and Q ju
:iconabschaumno1:AbschaumNo1 13 0
Quite A Little Surprise
The sound of clapping rose and fell behind Q's front door, as if stopping and starting. James paused, key against the lock, and listened to the unfamiliar sound.
Whenever the Quartermaster clapped, it was deep, the air cupped between his palms as they clashed together. Often it was very sarcastic, used coupled with a quirked eyebrow and a smug smirk and directed at no-one other than James. When it was genuine, it was softer, but still thundering, able to echo in the space where his fingers cupped the edges of his hand.
The clapping James was hearing sounded like nothing he had ever heard from Q. There had been times when he'd arrived to find Eve nursing a glass of wine alongside the Quartermaster and clapping happily along to a joke or a quip with a soft bubble of laughter, but even her applause didn't sound so exuberant. It was youthful, cheerful, genuine, and loud, much louder than it needed to be.
Curiosity got the better of him as the key slid into the lock. Metal teeth clicked and
:iconfromunderthemountain:fromunderthemountain 8 0
It had been one of those weeks that the operatives of Q Branch long to forget.
003 gets lost in Siberia and his tracking chip ends up buried in a snow drift. A rescue crew ends up stuck in said snow drift whilst 003 recovers in a ski lodge.
005 is blinded by a flash grenade in Taiwan and is sent back immediately. Medical fuss over him for three days before declaring his eyesight defective. His double-oh agent status is terminated and he is sent to Greece to oversee that branch of operatives to the best of his ability.
003 is returned to England and M gives him the bollocking of his lifetime. The tense atmosphere from M's office can be felt throughout MI6 and no-one has a particularly productive or comfortable day. 007 returns on a separate flight in from America, battered and bruised.
0013 is apprehended in China. By the time a retrieval squad is assembled and ready to head out to get her back, she has formulated her own escape. When she lands back
:iconfromunderthemountain:fromunderthemountain 10 3
00Q Mission Kit by DearKju 00Q Mission Kit :icondearkju:DearKju 8 0 Q and cats by Brilcrist Q and cats :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 807 19
Skyfall/Sherlock Fanfiction(00Q)
                                                        - The name's Holmes. Q Holmes. -
Q wasn't just exhausted, he was burnt out. Forty-two hours of work, including 4 breaks for eating, about 80 cups of strong tea and only 3 hours of sleep, mostly taken in by napping with his forehead flat on his desk, resulted in a very worn-out quartermaster.
He hadn't looked at himself in a mirror for nearly three days, but he could bet a hundred quid that his scalp looked like it had a bird's nest on top of it. His eyes must have been bright crimson with sleep-deprivation, and have darkened bags underneath at that point, because work had really been sapping his energy.
And all because of that one, pesky case...
It was so, that an assortment of field-agents had disappeared over the course of 6 days, totalling in 11 agents. All vanished, no trace, no messages or orders, no real odds that they could've been kidnapped, not all in the same span of time.
Q had been active non-stop for two and a half da
:iconthatdanishchick:ThatDanishChick 32 3
Kiss Away The Pain (Teenlock) Chapter 1
WARNING: This story will contain mature themes including swearing, male on male sexual encounters, and violence. If you aren't comfortable with any of these things, please don't read. Thank you!!
Author's Note at the bottom.
Sherlock was trying to figure out how to get out of the situation he had currently found himself in. He had made the bad mistake of provoking the rugby team captain and was currently backed up against a wall by a group of angry players. He knew what was coming, he'd been beaten up before and he knew there was no sense in trying to get away. It was also unlikely that anyone would be coming along to intervene, because all the professors were gone for the day and he had no friends, so he closed his eyes and waited for the first punch.
John was just coming down the hall when he saw his teammates all circled around something...No someone! They were about to beat someone up. He dropped his things and ran over, pushing his way through the group. "Hey!
:iconsailorxstar:SailorXStar 58 10
Sherlock - 221B ficlet
Sherlock leaned against a brick wall and exhaled a deep, raspy sigh. Smoke curled up slowly from his mouth and he watched it disappear far above Scotland Yard's windows. His eyes were half closed and his lips turned up in a smirk. He decided he deserved this after a particularly long and gruesome case.
Lestrade stood next to him doing the same, though with a different expression. He took each drag from his cigarette with a look of guilt in his eyes. He looked at the small red embers, thinking of how disappointed his wife would be when he came home tonight.
"She'll forgive you this once. She knows you haven't slept properly in days."
Lestrade grinned, shaking his head. "You're one to talk. I hear John has to practically tie you to the bed."
Sherlock grinned back. "Only when I'm on my best behaviour, then John will reward me."
"Oh god, I didn't need to hear that." The detective groaned.
Sherlock ignored him and threw the remainder of his cigarette on the alley street. He quickly pulled a
:iconemochickisemo:EmoChickIsEmo 1 1
Blood Fury - Part 21
Sherlock's POV
Ah, Bart's. How I spent many of my years there. It was my second home. So many wondrous experiments conducted there. The place where I met the love of my life. It seemed more special. More significant. I found Molly easily. She was at the canteen ordering food. I appeared next to her.
"Hello Molly," I said. She jumped.
"Oh, it's you Sherlock. You shouldn't do that to a girl," she smiled. I could hear her heartbeat racing. I swallowed. I should really feed, I thought.
"Molly, could you do a favour for me?" I asked. I followed her towards a table. We sat across from each other. We were the only ones in the room. Molly was having a late lunch.
"Dunno, depends on what it is," she replied. Oh Molly. Sweet innocent Molly. She took a bite from her ham and cheese sandwich. I resisted the urge to scrunch up my nose in disgust. It smelt foul.
"I want you to look for something," I said.
"Why can't you look for it?" Molly asked.
"I have something else on. I have asked some others, b
:iconlittleredhatter:LittleRedHatter 22 54
Blood Fury - Part 6
John POV
Sherlock had been acting stranger than usual. He seemed to be watching me more. A lot more. Even Lestrade was keeping a keen eye on me. I had no idea what had gotten into them. Sherlock seemed to be always at my side. I didn't mind. I enjoyed it. Having Sherlock around a lot, quite liked it. And my ever growing desire for him grew with every second with him. When he wasn't there it was just longing for him. I needed to deal with it. Head on. I devised a plan. And I had no idea if it would work.
Two days went by. I didn't put the plan to work. I was too afraid. I probably watched Sherlock just as much as he watched me. I couldn't look him in the eye though. I wanted to. To see if I could feel that feeling again. But I didn't. The soldier had lost his nerves. Imagine that. But on the third day, I was going to do it. No matter what.
We were sitting in the flat. Sherlock was lying on the couch with his eyes closed and thinking. The case was really bugging him. I was surprised he h
:iconlittleredhatter:LittleRedHatter 32 8


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